1) How to prepare Dr. PRP?

2) How to open the centrifuge lid for the first time?

a) You can use a spanner provided, (check picture) insert spanner to the left and gentle click to the right.
or b) use a power cable, and make sure you press the OPEN button.
Remove packaging from inside the centrifuge. Centrifuge is ready to use. User manual provided.

3) Make sure our Dr PRP tube is suitable for your centrifuge, check measurements on a picture.


4) Keep the Dr PRP tube under 45°, when injecting the blood into the tube.

For injecting blood into the Dr PRP tube, use 21g size needle (green colour)

5) Centrifuge Braking Speed Level 5 

The slower breaking feature prevents platelets from being released or agitation which can occur at the quicker settings, such as 30 seconds.
When you stop this quick you can have some of the samples resuspend or mix, so most PRP users use the lower brake speeds.

Level 5 is fairly common, or 6, which is almost an air brake with a bit of assistance to prevent it from going on forever.
If you having issues with a purity would suggest trying level 6.     


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